[FREE] [RELEASE][TOOL] Pokemon Go Multi Account Manager

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[FREE] [RELEASE][TOOL] Pokemon Go Multi Account Manager

Post by Cybermike on Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:24 am

This Tool allows you to manage multiple Pokemon Go Accounts easily.

Current Version: 1.0.0
Account types supported: Google and Pokemon Trainer Club
Requires Java 7+ (OS does not matter as long Java 7+ is installed)

[color=#ff0000]I see a lot of different Files? Which one should I open?[/color]

Open it with Java, not an archiver.

[color=#ff0000]There is an error that the main class could not be found!
Either your download or your Java is corrupted. Try redownloading. Do not report this, this is a local problem at your machine and has nothing to do with my software.

How to report an issue/bug [IMPORTANT]:
Please open your command prompt, navigate to the folder where Pokemon Go Multi Account Manager is located and enter the command
PHP Code:
java -jar "<file>.jar"
Replace <file> with the name of the jar file.
Now retry and uploud the log to pastebin.com and leave a reply here with the detailed error description and the pastebin link. MAKE SURE NONE OF YOUR CREDENTIALS OR THE GOOGLE REFRESH TOKEN IS VISIBLE!



V.1.1.0 [SHA256: 1b4f6ff69f2d970606999b5c555212fec6022214b067490494618778b24cce84]
Legacy Download: http://ge.tt/52EOAyc2
* Added Pokemon overview Tab
* Added StringUtils library
* Fixed minor bugs

V.1.0.0 [SHA256: e1b2feedaa948187f0e5b649d13aeb3dd75e4a789ce271c17369f7779d092d50]
Legacy Download: http://ge.tt/8aptRwc2
* Initial Release

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