[GUIDE] Get your cash back - Chargeback

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[GUIDE] Get your cash back - Chargeback

Post by Cybermike on Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:32 am

Hi there folks,

This is a small guide on how to get a refund for your purchase on pokemon go virtual goods ( coins, pokeballs, etc )

Just like many of you, i got banned for botting. That did not really annoy me too much, what got me quite pissed was that i got banned after spending money buying some coins, so here is how you can get your cash back.

Apple Method :[/b]

So i did some digging and found about : apple 14 days refund policy

Click here

And scroll down on the option untill you find the " i changed my mind " or something very similar.

All of this is perfectly legal and fine among apple, and you dont really care about nintendo right ? they already banned you

Google MethodMethod :

Exigma wrote:Google Play

go there and scroll down and select your transaction click the 3 dots and report a problem ( I choose "Purchase was made by friend or family member without my consent" ) after that just made something up in the "Please describe your issue*" for this instance i made up a story about a fake son that was using my phone. You should get an email once you finish with a verdict its either instant refund or wait 2 days or they will deny your request.

Good luck !!

Step to step Google Play

exileofdragon wrote:Suggested steps for Google Play refund

Option 1
Step 1
-find your transaction for Pokemon Go

Step 2
-Select your reason, most common choose is "purchase made by friend of family without my consent"
-Click next/submit

Step 3
-Short description of issue.
-Click submit

You should be done and now just wait for your refund. Unless to get an email stating "We received your refund request for xxxxx PokéCoins (Pokémon GO) , but we can’t provide a refund for this purchase because it is outside of our refund policy."

Additional step to get your refund, if first option failed.

Option 2
Google play phone number
United States (855) 836-3987
24 hours a day, seven days a week

This option is 99-100% win

Tips & tricks

exileofdragon wrote:if some people are getting "we can’t provide a refund for this purchase because it is outside of our refund policy." via Google play.

Also if you cannot geta refund via google. i would suggest going through your bank/credit card for charge back.

i bet a lot of people request refunds from this shitty game.

xox0x wrote:Yes, i filed all purchases made from the launch date

Addonexus 666 wrote:I just registered to tell you that refunding on Google Play worked perfectly for me. I successfully refunded 2 $4.99 and one.$.99 purchase by marking it as a purchase made by a child or other family member. I told them that my cousin was visiting, made these purchases without my knowledge, and I just found them by looking through my statements. If anyone else needs to try getting a refund from Google play, try the "stupid kid was playing with my phone" approach. There's been a lot of backlash from parents about micro transactions in cell phone games, so we can use this to our advantage.

michelle11 wrote:If You are not having success from Google or Apple getting a refund and you paid with a credit card, call up your card provider directly and tell them the story. There is a chance they might ask you to talk to Niantic first, but just tell them that you were banned accidentally by them during a ban wave and that there is a slim chance you will get your account back since Niantic explicitly says in their ban appeal automated response email that there is a slim chance that they will overturn a ban. Reassure them that you did nothing wrong to deserve it and that you feel 'cheated' out of your money. Also mention that Niantic has very poor customer service and that it will take weeks to have this resolved through them and that you do not have the time to deal with it and you stopped playing the game. The call rep should issue you a chargeback on all your transactions that you made for the game without further question.

Now I'm not sure if there is a policy against this in Google Play and the App Store, but there may be some sort of penalty. This is just a warning. If they do send you an email or ask you about it, just tell them that you thought they were being unfair, and tell them the same thing that I posted above about Niantic. They should be understanding, since Niantic is as good as useless responding to their community, and that they've already had issues with refunds before with Niantic just a few weeks ago.

edit: each store has their own policies with chargebacks after some research but it all lies on the CREDIT CARD ISSUER to make the decision on the chargeback instead of Apple or Google. So just tell them a story like I made up above and you should get back ALL your money you spent on the game. If Apple or Google is being stubborn with your refund, your credit card company will always support your claim 100% of the time.

sundawg89 wrote:Holy shit! Thank you for this! I have got all my money refunded (over $40) via google play. Just use the family member purchased without consent method!

**** you Niantic!

Nesyla wrote:Yes, it will be sent back to the original source and it should take 5-7 work days

elexis12345 wrote:i used the "call me for multiple refunds" from the help section of the google play app and had them call me for multiple in app purchase refunds, all were over 30 days old, i told them my son had made the purchases and they refunded the 5 in app purchases i had made on pokemon go.

They took about 1-2 mins to call me back, the money should be back on my card in 3-5 days.

elexis12345 wrote:when i called they tried to tell me they couldn't refund because all my purchases were over 30 days old, when i told them that my only other option would be to call visa for a charge back, i was put on hold for like 30 secs, they guy came back and said OK, you will have the money back on your card in 3-5 days.

Symb1ot wrote:Coming back on my case. I made a phone call to google play and explained the unauthorized purchases crap and guess what.. I am getting all my purchases back

Google Play Phone Numbest List

( gathered from replies )

Google play phone number :

United States
(855) 836-3987
24 hours a day, seven days a week

(001)* 803 852 6437 *or 007/008/009 (International Call)
(Local phone rates may apply depending on carrier)
+62 21 2970 3955 (Jakarta)
(Local phone rates apply)
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, seven days a week

Edit : it seems like some are able to get their money back even after 14 days !

Edit : added second method, credit to exigma for it, thanks !

Edit : added some colors to make it more easy to use, also added some quotes from people who called using different excuses.

Edit : added google play phone numbers, i will keep updating this front page with numbers as people paste them.

Edit : added step to step google play guide, credit and thanks to exileofdragon.

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