[Tutorial] Create your OWN Pokemon Go Map

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[Tutorial] Create your OWN Pokemon Go Map

Post by Cybermike on Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:17 pm

Your own Pokemon Go Map

You can get your own Map here:
GitHub - favll/pogom: The fastest Pokemon Go Map available.

There is also the tutorial how to install the map.
You need Python 2.7 and Git is optional I think.

The Map will look like this:

When you have it running go to your browser and enter your host and the port. If you run it on localhost and port 5001 like in the example just enter:*

How to create a google maps api key?
Go here:*Get a Key/Authentication |
Google Maps JavaScript API |
Google Developers

Click on get key
and follow the instructions

How many accounts do I need?
I use 500 currently[Just to test lol]*but I think 50-200 are ok too
If you still have any questions just comment and I will try to help you.

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