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Hi there! Thank you for reading this post. I would like to introduce you to PGBot, the newest bot in the Pokémon Go botting/cheating/hacking scene. PGBot is developed with an aim for easy and fast botting, but with the idea of a safe botting enviroment. That is what makes us unique.

PGBots requirements to run

You only need a computer and Java 8: a URL to that can be found together with our client download.

Core Bot Functionality (What can PGBot do?):


- Create your own paths with ease (save them and load them back later)

- Set the speed that you want to walk at

Live Pokemon Editor and Manager

- Play while you bot! (See images below)

- You can fully manage your Pokemon without the need to open your phone, or stop the bot!

Catch Pokémon

- Catch Pokemon anywhere

- Catch Pokemon that you would miss if you were playing legit!

Farm Pokéstops

- Farm pokestops as you roam around, you can even let the bot generate paths to all nearby Pokestops for maximum gains!

Transfer Pokémon

- Transfer Pokemon while botting so you can save room for the good ones!

Evolve Pokémon

- Evolve Pokemon as you bot, saving you time

Hatch and Incubate eggs.

- Let the bot add the eggs to incubators for you, and they will hatch as the bot walks around!

Drop those pesky items that fill up your inventory

- You can configure how many of each item to keep, and the bot will drop any extras. This allows you to save room for the items that you really want!

Use Razzberries on Strong Pokemon

PGBot's key features:

  • Cross platformed client: Windows, Mac, Linux? It does not matter, you can run us on most OS!
  • Accessibility: You can run PGBot with either your Google account or your PTC account.
  • Intuitive UI: A list of Pokémon caught, a live map of your character, a list of your items.. we have all the stats you need.
  • Tabs: PGBot supports tabs. This means that you can run more than 1 bot, while only having the PGBot client opened once.
  • Waypoints: You can create, save, edit and share waypoints. Waypoints are paths on the world which the bot can follow.
  • Configurability: Like the waypoints, the user has full control over the bot. There are alot of settings the user can play with. You can bot the way YOU want to.
  • 24/7:You can bot 24/7 with PGBot if you want to. The bot automaticly refreshes your Google or your PTC account so that you stay logged on.
  • Human like: We did alot of testing and came up with the perfect settings to bot on. We have ran PGBot for days, on multiple accounts, with 0 (soft) bans. Please note however that we can never guarantee a 100% safety. Bot at your own risk.

And the most important of all: PGBot is FREE TO USE.

Upcoming features:

We are constantly taking in suggestions from you (our community) and implementing them into our client!

While we wont go in to details about our exact future features, you can find a list compiled by the community on the forums. This list has essentially become our future features list.

Of course, we have our own surprises as well

We release a new build full of new features every couple of days (sometimes daily), this keeps you on top of your Pokemon go botting experience!

Images of the Client

We feature an extremely stable, user friendly client that can easily be ran for extended periods of time:

Our information panel, keeping you informed about the progress that you have made while botting:

Play While you Bot! You can easily view and interact with all Pokemon in your inventory while botting, with more to come. No need to use your phone!

Download Click here
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