[HUMAN] All in One PokeMobBot Setup w/ GUI & Sniping!

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[HUMAN] All in One PokeMobBot Setup w/ GUI & Sniping!

Post by Cybermike on Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:11 am

All in One PokeMobBot Setup with GUI and Sniping!
All in One PMB Download

1- Download and extract all the programs
2- Run PokeMobBot.exe
3- Press any key to create the config folder for PokeMobBot
4- Change the config.json file in PokeMobBot/config to the config.json file in the folder PMB_Human_Config (CHANGE DEVICE ID)
Spoiler (Click to View)
5- Change the Config files in PogoLocationFeeder.v0.1.8/config folder to the config files in PogoLocationFeeder_config folder
6- Run PogoLocationFeeder.v0.1.8.exe
7- Run PMBVisualizer.Setup.1.0.8.exe

Watch The Magic!

Pokemon/Egg/Item Management

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