[Release][GUI] Pokemon Go Bot/Manager (Multi-Account)

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[Release][GUI] Pokemon Go Bot/Manager (Multi-Account)

Post by Cybermike on Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:49 am

Public Discord channel: Discord
I'm going to release in the discord chat to test out new version before updating here from now on.

Current known ban types & info
== Rumored Perm Account ban ==
- Identified by failing to grab inventory data. Signing in on the official app won't work.

== Pokemon Temp Ban ==
- Constant fleeing of pokemon.
- Occurs when you capture 1000 pokemon in ~24 hours.
- Potential bypass is to throw misses for 15-30 throws.
- Only lasts for about 24 hours

== Pokestop temp banned ==
- Pokestops give you "Out Of Range" responses
- Occurs when you search roughly 2k pokestops in ~24 hours.
-- Faster speeds appear to increase the threshold, while slower lowers it.

== Temp IP based ban ==
- Causes 0 forts to be displayed in GetMapObjects request.
- - The only other times this happens is when you request GetMapObjects more than twice in 7-8 seconds or requesting a location without forts.
- Happens when you bot multiple accounts at once.
- May be possible to get 2 or 3 running at slower settings.
- Waiting it out is the only way to get rid of it without changing IPs.

== Perm IP based ban ==
- Impossible to access the API.
- Occurs mainly on commercial ISPs than residential.
- Changing IP is the only way to get around it.

== Softban ==
- Identified by 0 exp on searching a pokestop & constant fleeing pokemon.
- Occurs when traveling large distances too fast.
- Possible to bypass by completing actions.
- All public bots attempt to bypass.


Version: 1.1.5 Download (zip)
Updates 8/14 12am EST:
- Added new transfer setting (BelowIVAndCP)
- Fixed sniping not disabling properly
- Added detection of new ban types.
- Ability to choose which ban to stop on.
- Made "Enable Colors" on by default
- Keeps track of pokemon caught and pokestops searched on run session
- Map requests will now only be sent a max of once per 6 seconds to work with API limits. This should limit requests and help prevent IP bans.
- Fixed error in pokemon ban logic
- Fixed error in potential pokemon ban logic
- Readded timeout exception
- Fixed listview background color issue
- Added color to PokestopAndPokemonTempBan
- Device id is randomized on mass import
- Timeout (final fix, hopefully)
- Changed how pokestop bans were detected. They will now only be detected on not in range & finding stops (otherwise IP ban)
- Changed stats to clear on manually
- Added log clearing
- Fixed bug that occured when sniping returned invalid coords
- Fixed some number culture issues.
- Added ability to toggle pause
- Ability to restart a bot. This will not reset the timer.

Version: 1.0.0 Download (zip)
Updates 8/12 1:30am EST:
- Fixed memory leak in RocketAPI.
- "Minor text fixes."
- Sniping added. By default, it will not snipe any pokemon. You'll have to remake your config.
- Added new setting in the "Catch" tab to enable pokemon sniping on a case by case basis.
- Fixed bug with exporting account names.
- Prevented deleting accounts that were running.
- Added ability to export the proxies

Features to come.
- More transfer settings (Pokemon below IV AND CP)
- Proxy manager
- Necro config support?
- Sniping after hitting a specific level

Download (zip)
Updates 8/11 12am EST:
- Fixed time when above 24 hours
- Increased limit on CP from 1k to 999999.

Download (zip)
Updates 8/10 11pm EST:
- Added Google support.
- - Proxies are not used when signing into Google. Take this into consideration when using public proxies.
- Handles perma banned IPs response
- Removed IP check. Domains should work for proxies now. This also means you can input invalid IP formats.
- Reorganized main context menu
- Added ability to easily clear proxies from accounts.
- Fixed null reference exception when using lucky eggs on new accounts.
- Added listview colors w/ checkbox switch. Makes things easier to see.
- Prevented inventory recycling exceptions from happening often.
- Recycling continues on a failed response.
- Stat exporting. Will be created in AccountStats/USERNAME.txt.
- Added option to update account stats without opening form.
- Added 2 new transfer options
-- KeepXHighestIV
--- Keeps the highest "x" IV pokemon. If 2 pokemon have the same IV, the lower CP one will be transferred
-- BelowCPOrIVAmount
--- Transfers all pokemon below the CP value or IV percent.

Download (zip)
Updates 8/10 12am EST:
- Fixed memory leak.
- Added proxy importing. Allows you to easily import a proxy file to selected accounts.

Download (zip))
Updates 8/9 7pm EST:
- Reduced max logs to 100 (deletes down to 50).
- Fixed issue with high RAM usage.
- Added MaxLevel column to main list. This is hidden by default (Right click list header -> Check "Max Level")
- Clicking "Done" on edit form will auto save instead of asking for confirmation. Clicking the exit (top right) will close without saving.
- Removed message when starting more than "X" accounts.
- Added delay when starting multiple accounts at once (200ms between each).
- Added more proxy error handling.
- Clarified "no pokestops" vs "temp IP ban"
- Added additional import formats.

Valid formats

Download (zip)
Updates 8/9 6:30am EST:
- Added proxy to the main account list. If you didn't know, you can filter/sort/hide a lot of the lists in the program by right clicking the header.
- Fixed pokemon inventory stat to count eggs.
- Increased wait time between main requests (startup). Trying to reduce the mass exceptions.
- Added extra checks to determine a temp IP ban vs all pokestops on cooldown (hopefully)
- Clarified the login error. Checks for ...
- - Http proxies. API only supports Https.
- - Invalid or missing credentials (force stop to prevent lockout)
- - Account lockout (force stop)
- - Account not verified

Download (zip)
Updates 8/9 2:35am EST:
- "Minor text fixes"
- Logs out when bot fully stops. Helps prevent waiting for 3 errors when there was a session issue.
- Proxy bug fix when changing proxies after running once.
- Selection change bug fix when dealing with main account list.

Update 8/8 11:14pm EST:
- Fixed multiple issues that were caused when servers are buggy. I can't stop the servers from not returning valid requests, but at least it won't spam the log with random exceptions.
- Reduced "max fails" down to 3 from 5. If it doesn't complete a full pokestop loop 3 times in a row, it'll attempt to login again.
- Prevented double login when viewing details of an account, which caused issues.

Virus Scan
Source - I've never really used github, so tell me if there's any issues.

Note This program uses the default theme and colors (excluding list views in account details). I'm using a custom windows theme, so yours will look different from these screenshots.

- Includes most features that public bots have.
- Stable. Won't crash or get stuck in an infinite loop.
- Multiple Accounts.
- View Pokedex, Inventory, Pokemon, etc.
- Manually transfer/evolve pokemon. I don't recommend doing this while the bot is running on the account, but I attempted to prevent any issues that can occur.
- Individual settings for every pokemon/item.
- Import a list of accounts.
- Proxy support

Save as a json file to make things easier. You can import a config on the settings form (see screenshot).

Amsterdam (100k exp/hr)

Necro - Using his updated API (with slight modifications) and some methods (IE: navigation).
FeroxRev - Original library
And everyone that contributed to those projects.


Q: I keep getting "No pokestop data found."
A: "No pokestop data found" means you're temp IP banned or your location is bad. If it happens while running, run less accounts at once or use proxies. Only way to get rid of a temp IP ban is by waiting.

Q: Valid proxy formats?

Q: What are good settings to not get banned?
A: There are none. The unofficial API currently doesn't send a 100% valid request. If Niantic logs that, all accounts ran through the unofficial API will be banned.

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Re: [Release][GUI] Pokemon Go Bot/Manager (Multi-Account)

Post by Ailadien on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:34 am


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